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Letter from Daniel Dustin to Alden Partridge, 20 May 1846.

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be at Norwich at our next annual commencement. With all his other [gettings?] since he left the University he has got on the right side in politics and is now a good [Democrat?]

                   We have just [recived?] the news of the battle between the Mexicans and our Army on the Rio Grande. And it has resulted as I suppose - Every body  was satisfied it would [illegible] to our [Arms?] _ Our flag still waves over the "long suffering" Texans,  untarnished and triumphant. It is my prayer that before this war closes we may annex to the Union Mexico and the Californias with the whole of Oregon up to [54.o  40.' ?] My impression has long been that Great Britain is at the bottom of these difficulties with Mexico. That she is now secretely aiding and assisting them. And that we shall have a conflict with that Nation before the War terminates. If my conjectures are correct I am anxious to see your plan for [taking?] the [illegible] and New Brunswick [Illegible] into [execution?] . I shall abandon my profession for it present at least and make an effort to obtain a commission in  the Army, And my [need?] [illegible] [assestion?]