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Letter from Daniel Dustin to Alden Partridge, 20 May 1846.

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Springfield Mass. May 20. 1846

Dear Capt,

                 I returned from Washington about two weeks since. And should have written you sooner. But my time has been almost wholly engrossed writing out a reply to Maj, Ripley's Defence, which is to go before a committee of Congress. Who are to investigate the Officers of our Armory which get [illegible] to be in an unsettled state _ As the time has now passed when you were to lecture in this place I have made no arrangements for your coming. Hearing that it might interfere with your business elsewhere should you wish to come now I will do all in my power to raise you the necessary subscriptions _
                 At Washington I saw several  of the Old Cadets, and among others Mr [Murry?] of [N.C.?] who graduated I think in 1839. He informs me he is well settled in the practice of the law in his [native?] state _ He gave me his word he should