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Letter from William Davis to Alden Partridge, 12 July 1847.

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Tomorrow the General and myself move up to the Saltillo where he takes command of a Brigade of Infantry [are?] encamped upon the field of Buena Vista and comprises the advance of the Army. He will command that Brigade until the remainder of this war comes into the county. Gen Taylor is now thinking strength of advancing, which he will certainly do so, if enough troops are sent upon this line. He wants for the purpose nearly ten thousand more [forth] to keep open his line and advance at the same time. His route would be towards San Luis which he would capture and then be governor by circumstances. What troops he [illegible] [better?] [apportioned?] than any he has had [in?] the country. His field and heavy Artillery number 30 pieces [shape?] and [illegible] he will advance as I do not want to go home without seeing a fight. I am better pleased with the country than I expected I should be and was it only farmed with rain would be a great paradise. The climate is delightful and I think healthy to those who take care of themselves. I have never been so [fleshy?], nor enjoyed better health than since I came into this country. Write me soon and give me the news, direct to Saltillo, Mexico, case of Gen Cushing. Give my love to any member of your family and remember me generally to all who enquire. Truly Yours W.W.H. Davis