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Letter from William Davis to Alden Partridge, 12 July 1847.

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we remained in camp until the middle of April when went into [quarter?] in the city after remaining in [quarters?] some three or four weeks, we again went into a camp of instruction on the fork of a beautiful lagoon just outside the city where the Regiment remained until it left [Matamoras?]. The [foliage?] of [decamachas?] been laid heavily upon Matamoras and any other place through which I have passed. This united with the injury done to it by the [soldiers?], gives it a very dilapidated appearance. The town is pleasantly situated sleek angular and [grab?] each other at right angles It has the largest and most pleasant Plaza I have seen in Mexico. Most of the letter [describe?] of inhabitants have long since left the place, and are living at some distance in the country at their Ranches. The country around Matamoros is [uninhibited?], and [is?] barren as any part I have seen. The [wait?] of water seems to be a great curse upon this country throughout, and will always prevent it becoming [prosperous?] Every fork of land that is cultivated is done so at a heavy expense through the process of irrigation. Gen Cushing and myself left Matamoros on the 4th of June in a steamboat for Comargo where we arrived on the eighth; distance of the river two hundred and fifty miles. The Regiment left two days after us and arrived on the 10th. We remained at Margo until Saturday June 12 when we took up the line at march for this place where we arrived on Sunday the 20th. The Regt getting her the same day