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Letter from William Davis to Alden Partridge, 12 July 1847.

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Walnut Springs, Mexico July 12th, 1847 My dear Sir, I am now at the Head Quarters of the "Army of Occupation". I arrived here three weeks ago just the other [illegible] day and will leave tomorrow to advance to Saltillo. I landed at [Brazos?] Santiago March 24 where we encamped in the sand and remained three days there in camp with four companies of North Carolina Volunteers who were encamped there, we escorted a train of about 150 waggins and two hundred horses to [Matamoros?] which was a march of four days. The marching was very fatiguing and we suffered some for want of water. The N.C. Volunteers continued as an event to the train up to Camargo where they encamped our four companies encamped at Matamoros on the fork of the Rio Grande. The country between the Brazos is [altered?] as a board and covered with a [some?] chapparal. But very little is [cultivated?]. Now and then we saw a Ranch with a few miserable inhabitants who were the worst forlorn looking people I ever saw my whole life, The many cattle of various kinds, feeding in the plains. Near the mouth of the river there is no chapparal, and the broad plains afford fine grazing for cattle. We were compelled to march with much caution, as we knew not at what moment Ganzales and his men, whom we heard were in the [south?], would [pounce?] down upon us. The country afforded many opportunity for great tasks