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Letter from James Smith to Alden Partridge, 8 July 1827.

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Baltimore 8th July 1827

Dear Sir

    I have received your letter of 25th June 22nd July and have been out into the Country absent many day since with a view to bring our observation to a focus or I see a possible -- Public Notice has been given In our papers yesterday an or tomorrow [illegible].  We expect to [Lau?] a [new?] big at the [arfenal?] to [lyt?] the public feeling & [uable?] in to decide what can be done with a little delay or possible-
    All the [putterance?] of our Canwithe?] as well as other who have offered us their aid in this business seem to be anxious that you should come on here & we have been thinking it could be ask for you to appoint some particular day like you would other at Titusville to pin the precise location of the Institution & that you should at some time explain your system of education by a lecture to the people there - also that you should repeat your explanation in the City - your lecture hereto be a the evening or next day spending that on which the political meeting you have noticed will