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Letter from Moses Eastman to Alden Partridge, 17 December 1830.

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Concord Dec. 17. 1830

Capt. Partridge,

Dear Sir,

I learn from your Prospectus that you propose to open your School again at Norwich over enlarged plan -- in the month of June next -- I presume you will have occasion to employ a number of assistants in the academic course you propose -- I have a Son, Joseph B. Eastman, who graduated at Dartmouth College in [1821?] -- he has since studied physic and is said to be well qualified in his profession -- he is well versed in the Greek and Latin Languages -- He would be willing to engage as an assistant in your Academy, and attend to the Musical department and any other branches for which he is qualified. He can come with good recommendations as to character and scholarship -- He will be 26 years of age next February -- If you wish to learn any thing more particular respecting his talents as a scholar, his disposition [&c?] you can enquire of Professor [Shurtleff?] with whom he boarded the last two years in College. I think his services would be such as you need, unless you have some one engaged