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Letter from William Van Deusen to Alden Partridge, 29 September 1831.

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Letter from Wiliam Van Deusen to Alden Partridge. 29 September 1831 Page 3

In the store of the academy, there is box containing a bout a dozen Military caps partly worn. I mention this

fact not knowing but you may wish to have them forever
 did to you [illegible]   The Caps are so little soiled  as to
 adrift of being used again  with [illegible] expense  Here 

they would fetch little or nothing Mr.[ Greenfield?] informed me yesterday [illegible]

 [illegible] have been made to him for some [illegible] not know 

ing their [ellegiblie he would not fix a price of your with them sold here you will please today at about what price With respect to the [illegible] alluded to is your better Wm Van Deusen has taken the green [illegible] [curtains?] I says they given to him by the [illegible] to there or little else remaining but the woodwork I will thank you to inform Mr.[Ban?]

town, his letter enclosing bill of sale was clearly received 

Two days since, I received a letter from Mr. [Faction?] He made many inquires often your I discard to be kindly remembered He informs me he was married last February to a very fine woman and has become a planter. He also states that

he has been elected a member of their State legislative 

I [illegible] the honor particularly gratifying was by his fellow was the official notice

of his election  This honor he ascribes entirely to 

his having been educated at your Academy. He informed me however he was compelled to decline the honor [illegible] upon him in consequences of primary[ [embarrassment?] is resulting from an [illegible]