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Letter from William Van Deusen to Alden Partridge, 29 September 1831.

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Letter from William Van Deusen to Alden Partridge, 29 Septhember 1831. Page 2

                          sale  the property or execution of
buy bac  to bring action of  in favor  of
Van Deusen or the recovery of his interests              your 

instructions on this subject are particularly decreed.

I have already instituted an action of Troven

against Mr. Stanty for the Bush of Lamps  this     
  to have offended the gentleman here by    
          position with respect to the value of the Bush of Lamps 
of their bring your  property                you sold   
will be         in the form to be observe
for this state    I called  our Mre Leana for information
regarding the lamps and shares in the classical apparatus.
 She gave me your correspondence  as to the lamps.
 She was totally ignorant    Hanly. I am informed

To be an of a letter from your right to two shares in the apparatus/prescribed your By the ladies to the Military Academy Please to write Mrs. in regard to the The two pieces ordinance, which I presume belong to you If so, please to inform me I write take of them

            I hope have reached you and safety.  The Bricoles 

were not as apprehensive they thought be , than run the There are two or three stoves in the lycerss which I can proceed judgement untie some

       your wishes in regard to the        

ready communced against your unite some time in march next after which they can be appraised I kept along 6 months more if your wish be