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Letter from William Van Deusen to Alden Partridge, 29 September 1831.

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Letter from William Van Deusen to Alden Partridge, 29 September 1831 Page 1

Middletown Sept 29th 1831

Dear Sir I have delayed writing you for some time under an appreciation of {Jenny?} able to

give you some satisfactory information reflecting

[illegible] in this place but as [gel?] I am sorry

to say I am totally unable to clarify with my
works for reasons which I will show briefly state.
When I last wrote you, I was of the opinion
that the library he might be replenisch but our over

stating with the chief Justice. I am inclined to the

opinion that it is extremely  doubtful   whether
you can be or not    By the case of [illegible]

of attachments. At the time when I gave you my

opinion  I suppose the officers would with 
out his return in conformity with the fact

that he had he actually attached the property

but by a crafty  endorsement dictates no 

doubt by his designing [illegible] it appears

of record, he has only attached your interest
I had descibe the property as belonging 

to your as a tenant in common, with the [illegible] states of the Military Academy how it is a principle of cause that the [illegible] of our tenant in common is the [illegible of all I that property of out tenant in common cannot be divested by a

 [illegible]  of [illegible]
 in follwoing of another.  This [illegible],   I hardly know
what cause it is back to preserve to risk a  [illegible] of