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Letter from E. Buckingham to the President of Jefferson College, 7 January 1833.

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Athens Ohio January 7th 1833

President of Jeferson College. Mississippi


My object in addressing a few lines to you upon the present occassion, is to elicit some information, in regard to the situation and advantages of your Institution. I wish Sir, you would be so kind as to inform me of the course of studies pursued in your institution, and also of the amount which it would take to support an individual at your institution. I contemplate removing to someplace upon the river Mississippi, and if the advantages afforded by yr institution are nearly equal to those afforded by the colleges in this [section?] of our country. I shall probable pursue a course of studies with you. I should likewise be pleased if you would inform me of the religious advantages afforded by your institution, and if there would be an opportunity of pursuing a theological course of studies, with some [divine?] If you will be so good, respected Sir, as to afford me the requested information, you will oblige

Yours with Respect. E. Buckingham.

N.B. An immediate answer is requested E. B.