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Letter from H. A. DeSaussure to Alden Partridge, 19 June 1838.

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Charleston So. C. June19, 1838 Capt. A. Partridge Dear Sir, The acquaintance formed between us when you were in Charleston some years ago, emboldens me to introduce to your notice, Mr. John W. Lewis, son of John Lewis Esq. of this city, who wishes to avail himself of the advantages of the Norwich University, & to place himself under your protection as a student for some time. His father is a gentleman of high respectability & standing in our city - & with ample means at his command, is anxious to afford his son every opportunity of improvement which the best Institutions of our country offer. The correct deportment of the young gentleman will, I am sure, entitle him to your future approbation. With much Respect Dear Sir Your Obs. H. A, DeSaussure