Letter from Alden Partridge to John Wright, 12 September 1847.

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Is applying to the legislature for an act of incorporation for the school there in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; hopes to be free the first of April; would like to return to Norwich University and take over his old buildings and school, which he does not believe the current board of trustees will pay for; expects a handsome donation from William L. Lee; hears of the death of T. B. Ransom; if the bill of incorporation passes the Pennsylvania legislature, Partridge will serve as President, although only present for about 11 weeks to deliver a course of lectures; the rest of the time, Partridge will devote to Norwich University; there is talk that Partridge will be nominated for the vice-presidency of the U.S.


Partridge, Alden, 1785-1854


Partridge, Alden, 1785-1854
Wright, John, 1792-1860
Ransom, Truman B. (Truman Bishop), 1802-1847
Pennsylvania Literary, Scientific and Military Collegiate Institute (Harrisburg, Pa.)
Norwich University - History - 19th century
Lee, William L. (William Little), 1821-1857
United States. Office of the Vice President
Harrisburg (Pa.)
Norwich (Vt.)
Schools - Pennsylvania
Universities and colleges - Vermont

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